New C.S.I. Checklist App from Tom Mauriello

When Tom first told me he was working on a checklist for investigators to use at crime scenes, I knew he had a winner. I flew aircraft in the Army in the Vietnam War and airborne surveillances during my 21 years with the F.B.I. From those experiences, I learned the real value of a checklist to ensure that critical, sometimes lifesaving, tasks are performed correctly. The C.S.I. Checklist is a terrific tool that will be of great benefit to investigators and prosecutors at all levels of American law enforcement. Unfortunately, the C.S.I. Checklist and smartphones came too late for me to use on the terrorist bombing and assassination cases I worked during my F.B.I. career. That said, this checklist will be of enormous value to today’s law enforcement professional, and since my youngest son is now a deputy sheriff in Virginia, he will benefit from its usefulness.

CSI Checklist App Intro

Recent Assault on the Capitol

I, like so many of you who have been in the military, law enforcement or other government service and have sworn oaths to defend our Constitution, was frustrated, angry, saddened by the demonstration on January 6 that evolved into an insurrection and assault on the Capitol.

There is little more I can say that has not already been said by the Media and politicians except that they and we have to find our way back from the polarization of our country over the last 2 decades since 9/11. And to do that our leaders need to understand how close we came to a massive bloodbath at the Capitol if extremists had chosen to introduce small arms, bombs or chemical weapons into the crowd that stormed that Capitol. So many things went wrong it’s hard to decide where to start, so it is my intention to forward to you some of the articles I’ve read which may not have been available to you that focus on several connected issues.

I also intend to begin listening to right-wing radio commentators, which I’ve avoided so far, to hear from them the justifications for those that stormed the Capitol and support President Trump. It is my strong belief that the only way forward is to better understand opposing positions and engage in dialogue/discussions/compromise as often and with as many a possible rather than give in to anger, vilification, and violence. As always, I’d love to hear any views you’d care to offer. Warm regards, Rusty

Behind the Strategic Failure of the Capitol Police-POLITICO
The American Abyss, NY Times oped
WaPo- Ashli Babbitt’s journey from capital ‘guardian’ to invader
White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US


Daily Brief: Jan. 7, 2021

I have attached below three of the articles in this issue of the Daily Brief.

And with yesterday’s assault on the capital by the right-wing extremist group “Proud Boys” and other supporters of the conspiracy theory that our recent presidential election was rife with fraud, I thought you might find the STRATFOR comprehensive analytical piece on the insider threat posed by White Identity Right-Wing Terrorism (RWT) of interest. In it is yet another mention of the need for domestic terrorism statutes in the US and anticipation that the Biden Administration will move forward on that issue and also expand cooperation with our European allies in countering the rising RWT threat.

White identity Right-Wing Terrorism (RWT) pose a bigger insider threat than jihadists to security services, in part because they can more easily operate inside security and law enforcement organizations whose cultures, rank and file membership, and leaders may be more receptive to some of their ideas.

White identity RWT beliefs and grievances toward the following perceived threats to white racial and cultural superiority:
• Government authority
• Pro-abortion policies
• Women (anger directed at women by involuntary celibates (aka “incels”)
• Immigrant threats to traditional national identity and values
• Racial, ethnic or religious minorities
• Members of the LGBTQ community
• Antifa and other left-wing groups

These issues resonate in some form in mainstream society, even if most people who hold such opinions disavow violence. This ensures that there will be some political cover for white identity RWTs and that security services, particularly those led by right-wing governments, may have some level of bias toward them.



1944 – Amazing Photos – Then and Now

Our colleague, Dr. Margaret Nydell, forwarded this remarkable series of photographs of scenes in France during World War II and today. I thought you might find them as interesting as did I. Thank you, Margaret.

Happy new year to you all and to your families. I hope it will be a safer 2021 than 2020 has been.

Warm regards to you all,