What We Can Learn From a Young, Grassroots Jihadist in Pittsburgh

This is a good overview of a thwarted by law enforcement terror threat and an undercover technique used successfully more than 1000 time since September 11, 2001, against both international and domestic lone wolf terrorists in the US. The Media has frequently accused the Bureau of entrapment in these cases, of simply “picking the low hanging fruit” and of being able to “catch only the dumber of the terrorists out there.” None of these criticisms are fair or correct. The Bureau, as STRATFOR has correctly stated in this and earlier articles, has done a credible job and served our national security well with these cases and the use of these proven effective and legally acceptable techniques.


The White House Path to Mideast Peace Travels Through a Single State

This is a comprehensive and well written discussion of where the Israeli-Palestinian issue may be heading. It has a little of the history of the decisions that have lead the world (and world leaders since the end of WWI) to our current situation. It looks at the one-state solution, which frankly I’d not known much about. And it hints at the the major “real politic” factor at play today, which is driving much of the discussion/diplomacy: the world’s fear of the Iranians. Of interest is that, as always, its not about, never was about what’s best, fair, needed for the Palestinians and points again to the truism that “nations don’t have friends but interests” and that those interests change over time and will always favor doing what’s best for that nation over what might be right or best for another. I’m hoping that some of you with more experience and knowledge of the Near East will share your take on this article. Thanks, Rusty