Priceless lessons from my sixth-grade English teacher.

I thought you might enjoy this wonderful op-ed piece from the Washington Post’s Christmas Eve addition. It is a great Christmas present for me to read about one of our really talented, dedicated teachers and how much he/they mean to their students. There is no question in my mind that teachers are as important as any other professional in our Republic and its just unfortunate that they don’t get the recognition or the pay that they really deserve. Enjoy.

Priceless lessons from my sixth-grade English teacher

Atelier des Lumières, Paris, France

If you love Van Gogh you’ll love this and we all should thank our colleague, Margaret Nydell, for sending it along. Thank’s Margaret. What a wonderful Christmas gift?

I was not aware of the Atelier des Lumières in Paris until I got Margaret’s email and watch the Van Gogh exhibit on my iPhone, then my PC’s full screen. It was gorgeous! Van Gogh is one of my particular favorites but there are other masters available on YouTube.

The Atelier des Lumières was a foundry and has been transformed into a cultural centre dedicated to digital arts. In addition to Van Gogh they have exhibited the works of Monet, Renoir and Chagall, projected from floor to ceiling. Post pandemic it would be an incredible, in-person experience.

Magical Van Gogh Exhibit