I, like so many of you who have been in the military, law enforcement or other government service and have sworn oaths to defend our Constitution, was frustrated, angry, saddened by the demonstration on January 6 that evolved into an insurrection and assault on the Capitol.

There is little more I can say that has not already been said by the Media and politicians except that they and we have to find our way back from the polarization of our country over the last 2 decades since 9/11. And to do that our leaders need to understand how close we came to a massive bloodbath at the Capitol if extremists had chosen to introduce small arms, bombs or chemical weapons into the crowd that stormed that Capitol. So many things went wrong it’s hard to decide where to start, so it is my intention to forward to you some of the articles I’ve read which may not have been available to you that focus on several connected issues.

I also intend to begin listening to right-wing radio commentators, which I’ve avoided so far, to hear from them the justifications for those that stormed the Capitol and support President Trump. It is my strong belief that the only way forward is to better understand opposing positions and engage in dialogue/discussions/compromise as often and with as many a possible rather than give in to anger, vilification, and violence. As always, I’d love to hear any views you’d care to offer. Warm regards, Rusty

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