When Tom first told me he was working on a checklist for investigators to use at crime scenes, I knew he had a winner. I flew aircraft in the Army in the Vietnam War and airborne surveillances during my 21 years with the F.B.I. From those experiences, I learned the real value of a checklist to ensure that critical, sometimes lifesaving, tasks are performed correctly. The C.S.I. Checklist is a terrific tool that will be of great benefit to investigators and prosecutors at all levels of American law enforcement. Unfortunately, the C.S.I. Checklist and smartphones came too late for me to use on the terrorist bombing and assassination cases I worked during my F.B.I. career. That said, this checklist will be of enormous value to today’s law enforcement professional, and since my youngest son is now a deputy sheriff in Virginia, he will benefit from its usefulness.

CSI Checklist App Intro
New C.S.I. Checklist App from Tom Mauriello