This is a lengthy, complex article from today’s New York Times Magazine about the impact of climate change on domestic migration patterns. It is a difficult read, made more so because I have spent significant portions of my life in both Arizona and California and know well our western states.

I am no expert on climate change and unable to offer competent arguments on either side of the issue. I do know, however, how much the weather patterns have changed in the last 15 years here in central Virginia, at the foot of the Shenandoah Mountains. If only half of the projections in this article are accurate and occur, there will be some very difficult challenges for Americans to overcome in the next several decades. Although I have seen no one write about the effects on intelligence, counterintelligence, law enforcement, and counterterror operations of climate change, I suspect, or at least I hope, that some of our currently serving professionals are considering those implications.

In addition to the contents of the article, there are 200+ comments that follow it on the New York Times website, which you may find of interest as well.

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America