As I occasionally do, in the interest of furthering discussion, I am forwarding to you an OpEd from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal: What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common. As a companion to the thoughts expressed in this article, I strongly recommend to you a course that is a part of the very well done The Great Courses series available on Amazon Audible: Utopia and Terror in the 20th Century, By Prof. Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius of The University of Tennessee. It is a terrific course! I have listened to it twice now and use it frequently in my courses on terrorism and on intelligence. In the course, Liulevicius describes the numerous “isms” of the 19th and 20th centuries (Anarchism, socialism, Communism, Nazi-ism, et al) and their use of Terror to achieve the utopia they think is best for their countrymen and the rest of us in the world. Liulevicius’ uses his novel constructs to teach the history of those two centuries, which resonates with me, as does the article by Ms.Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her Wall Street Journal op-ed.

As always, I would love to hear and pass on to our colleagues on this list your thoughts on the WSJ op-ed and the course on Utopia and Terror if you choose to listen to it.

What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common-WSJ
What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common