Perhaps you can recall, as can I, a time when it was not at all fashionable to be a veteran. Thankfully that has changed. For me, my first notice of that change came on the Mall in DC when I was on a run from FBIHQ through the static displays of military equipment just back from the first Gulf War. A second notice, more personal this time, came in 2008 when my oldest son, Devon, related a story to me that occurred in an airport restaurant in Houston, Texas on his way back from one of his many deployments to the Near East. As he was waiting in line to pay for his food a civilian came up, took the bill from his hand and said, and I’ll have to paraphrase this because its been some time, “I’ll take care of this captain. Thanks for what you’ve done for us.”
So we’ve come full circle in how we treat our military veterans from the adulation they rightfully received at the end of WWII. And I’m pretty sure that you will all join me in being very happy we’ve completed that circle.
My best wishes on this Veterans Day to all who served and are still serving.
Veteran’s Day