The first article below was sent to me by our colleague, Matthew Pierce, with his comments on the article and my response. The second comes from The Guardian and covers 175 victims who have been killed worldwide in last eight years in white nationalist-linked attacks. Thank you Matthew for the article and your comments.


I think the article is a good analysis of the recent trends in white nationalist terror attacks.  The gaming aspect in the culture that fosters these types of attacks is concerning, as it just separates individuals susceptible to radicalization further from reality.  In terms of what happened in El Paso specifically, I think it’s really another example of how the political climate is encouraging extremists to take action.   Unfortunately, it seems like these events are accelerating in frequency and it’s hard to see how that trend can be reversed in the short term. Matthew

Thanks for you thoughts Matthew. I agree with them and will be sending out two articles on right wing conspiracy theories and the current threat they post according to the FBI. Interesting stuff. The only thing that will help is to have better awareness programs for the public, motivations for the public to come forward and report when they see/hear the clues and behaviors that always proceed these attacks and better training for law enforcement – not in responding to the attacks but interactions between the public/law enforcement in programs to prevent them.

Its too bad Congress has not passed legislation to cover domestic terrorism. It is a real hole in our legal system and you’ve heard me say it before that it causes uneven law enforcement response/allocation of resources, insufficient budget allocations and a loss of credibility in minority communities when domestic terror attacks are called hate crimes and not terrorism.

Best Rusty
Another Perspective on Alt-right Domestic Terrorism