I thought you might, as I did, find these two articles of interest. One is about Putin’s Russia, and points to some examples of Russia’s relative weakness in spite of the several successes Putin has had in the last half-dozen years.
The second is a review, written by George Will, a particular favorite of mine, about a new book by Rick Atkinson, “The British are Coming.” I’ve not read the book, but after reading Will’s comments I just ordered it from Amazon. Its new and a bit pricey (as no used additions are yet available) but I’m sure I will get some good data that I can use in the chapters in my book on Revolutionary War intelligence collection techniques and operations. I have read Atkinson’s Trilogy on the battles in WWII in North Africa, Italy and the fighting from D-Day across northern Europe into Germany, which Will also mentions. They are detailed, well researched, crisply written and full of vignettes I’d not known before reading.
I’ll give you my thoughts on “The British are Coming” at some future point in case you might be considering it. I think I may order both the Audible addition and the hard bound copy as I do a lot of listening while in my car or during my workouts, and may get to it sooner in that format.
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Two Opinion Pieces in the Washington Post Last Week