Our colleague, Cindy Kwitchoff, sent this today and I thought you might, as I did, enjoy it. I was the executive officer of the Old Guard after returning from Vietnam in 1970 and was and am still impressed with their dedication to our fallen at Arlington National Cemetery.


Around mid-day last Wednesday here in the DC area, the sky turned very dark and an extremely intense storm of a deluge of hard rain and horizontal wind suddenly hit the area. When you see the below screenshot of photos of a soldier at Arlington cemetery placing American flags in this storm, realize that this was not normal rain.

With all the disappointing, disillusioning and frankly shameful actions taken by former senior leaders of the Dept of Justice, FBI and CIA (where I used to work) and the Deep State as a whole for the past two years, along with their allies in the Democrats who have moved further to the radical far left with a goal of the destruction and dismantling of America, and all aided by their propaganda arm: the mainstream media brainwashing the masses, one can’t be blamed for losing faith that the ideas of America will continue and survive. But then I saw this American solider and what he was doing. In that incredible storm with that rain hitting him hard. Knowing someone like this is in our military and hasn’t given up faith and that there were/are many others just like him who once served, gives me hope again. Thank you. President Trump recently directed the IC to cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation which will help restore American’s “confidence in our public institutions.” They have a long way to go with that, but in the meantime, there are people like this:

Memorial Day