Our colleague, Paul Moore, sent this along. Paul was senior PRC analyst for several decades at FBIHQ and I served with him during the early 90s and we worked at the CICentre during the early years of the current Millennium in Alexandria. The Van Magers who sent the doc to Paul is also an old China hand retired from the Bureau. This is an interesting, in-depth article done by Reuters on former USG cyber experts working for the UAE. I addition to brain drain considerations associated with the classified information and methods these folks used in the UAE, I’m wondering how cyberwar is defined by the Neutrality Laws currently on the books. Thanks Van and Paul for passing this along.

Ex-NSA Cyberspies Reveal How They Helped Hacked Foes of UAE; the Karma Hack - matt@sherrard.ws - Sherrard Family Mail
Exclusive: Ex-NSA cyberspies reveal how they helped hack foes of UAE