This article may be of interest as it is a current look at the persistent, “insider threat” that the PRC and other state sponsors of industrial espionage pose to the national economic security of the US and our Western allies. 2 cases of economic espionage in Apple in the last 6 months involving Chinese nationals is noteworthy and along with the other, recent DOJ prosecutions of Chinese nationals involved in the same crimes may add emphasis to our trade negotiations currently ongoing with China.
In November 2018, just days before he resigned, AG Sessions announced new DOJ actions to counter Chinese espionage threats by identifying and prioritizing cases of those trade thefts, pool FBI and DOJ resources that are currently working that issue and if required ask Congress for additional statutory authorities to protect U.S. assets from economic espionage. Then, on December 12, 2018, officials from the DOJ, the FBI and the DHS testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that: “China is working to steal trade secrets to harm America’s economy…” Quoting Assistant AG General John Demers: “We cannot tolerate a nation that steals the fruit of our brainpower…”
None of this is a surprise to any of you “China hands” who have worked the problem over the last 30+ years. The thing that seem different to me is that our leadership in DC seem more willing to take action to slow these collection efforts by the PRC.
An Arrest at Apple Shows How Corporate Spies Worm Their Way Into the System