An interesting discussion of an unintended consequence of our wars since September 11 which I thought you might find of interest.
I have not read discussions of this type of impact on our junior leaders. I was aware of the trend toward micromanaging junior commanders in combat enabled by advances in communication. I recall in Vietnam that when my company was in contact senior leadership in their C&C helicopters would converge on my location to offer advice. I was always happy to have my Battalion Commander with the artillery liaison officer and their access to more firepower flying near-by. But on a slow day with the NVA, I was less happy to have the Brigade Commander or the 25 Division Commander, with free time on their hands, flying over my firefight, helping me with their advice. I am reminded also of the picture in the White House situation room with POTUS, the VP, SecState, et al,  watching Seal Team 6’s raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad.
The past decade of war has eroded the decision-making confidence of young leaders, Army general says