This is an excellent article in yesterday’s Foreign Policy that predicts an increase in a type of terrorism we have seen only a few examples of so far – jihadist from the former Soviet Republics, who keenly dislike the West. Past examples would be the Tsarnaev brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon in 2013 were from that region of the world (they were Chechens whose family had been forced to relocated to Kyrgyzstan following WWII); the 2017 truck drive-downs of pedestrians in New York and Stockholm—both conducted by Uzbeks; the 2016 suicide bombing of Istanbul’s airport; a 2017 attack on a nightclub also in Istanbul by an Uzbek.
By 2017, at least 8,500 fighters from former Soviet republics had flocked to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State. That experience gave many of these jihadis their first taste battling U.S. and NATO troops, and it left them looking for vengeance, convinced that future operations should be aimed at the West. In addition, Russia is well-known for providing passports to radicals from the Caucasus on the grounds that letting would-be jihadis leave the country is easier than dealing with them at home.
The New Face of Terrorism in 2019