This poses an interest question re where we are spending our Defense dollars. Love to hear your views  on it and any historical connection you would make to the battleship Navy’s refusal to embrace aircraft carriers before WWII.
One of our colleagues, Dr. James Worth, wrote me on a similar topic and I wounder how any of your would come down on the debate he has with a friend in New York:

“A friend of mine, a New Yorker who I only infrequently see in person but with whom I regularly correspond via the web, has been debating with me about the need for America to do more to modernize it’s military, including our nuclear arsenal. I have taken the position that Russia and China are moving ahead with new weapon systems in every field, including AI, cyber warfare, and space weaponry, as well as some new delivery systems for missiles that can defeat our defenses and our early warning systems. I have expresses grave concern about this and believe we need to be militarily competitive with these two nations. On the other side of the debate my friend, Martin, wrote the following yesterday:”

“As to China and Russia and their military preparedness compared to ours, even if both should surpass us, as long as we retain an arsenal and delivery system sufficient to counter any attack with devastating firepower, that should serve as a deterrent without our having to spend more than half our budget to say ahead of them, at the expense of other more urgently needed programs.”


The Chinese threat that an aircraft carrier can’t stop
China hails 'successful' test of a new hypersonic weapon
The Chinese threat that an aircraft carrier can’t stop.