Attached are several articles that contain details know a present and analysis on the recent assassination attempt on a former Russian GRU colonel/intelligence officer, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter in Salisbury, England.

Skirpal had been recruited by the British in the 1990s and run as an agent by  British intelligence until he was arrested in 2004. He came to the United Kingdom in 2010 as part of a high-profile spy swap involving 10 Russian illegals arrested in the U.S. and several agents of Western intelligence services who were then in Russian custody.

This is an extremely aggressive move by the Russians (particular considering the nerve agent used and the collateral damage/danger it posed to first responders) and all the more interesting because of the rumored connection between Skirpal and former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who compiled a highly controversial dossier alleging cooperation between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Kremlin (at this point the Steele dossier has been generally found to be inaccurate).

It will be interesting to observe the British political response to this attack and what if any support the Trump Administration will provide.




SVR Attempted Assassination in Salisbury, England
SVR Attempted Assassination in Salisbury, England