Those of you that know, know that I am not a Patriot fan. But, tomorrow is the Super Bowl and if for no other reason it seems appropriate that I send along an article today on that subject.

Apple news sends me six articles that they have culled from all the thousands of articles in print each week as ones they think have merit or value. And while I don’t read all of the articles that they send I do give each a short once over. This one stands out as it is about much more than the Super Bowl tomorrow and why the Patriots have been to and won so many.

As I read the article I immediately compared its contents with Cross-Fit Training that is currently taught in gyms all across the country and that our elite, tier 1, special operators have been doing over the last ten or so years rather than focus exclusively on distance running, weightlifting, push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. I have been told by one of those operators that the reason for their switch to Cross-Fit was because the physical obstacles and challenges they encountered on operations were not generally overcome by an ability to run 20 miles, dead lift 400 pounds or do a thousand push-ups. It seems to me that Coach Belichick has taken the same principle and applied it to football. (Or perhaps Cross-Fit borrowed the idea from him) In addition, it is clear that he recognizes the importance of the fourth quarter of the game and the need to still have peak game physical efficiency and stamina at that time. But, he is having the Patriots doing very specific training to be able to perform in that last quarter of the game.

My real interest in this article has nothing to do with the Patriots and Belichick winning the Super Bowl tomorrow, next year or for the next 10 years. What I’m interested in and wondering about is how to apply the principles that he has made work for him and the Patriots to other professions. And if there is a valid comparison with what he’s doing and what Cross-Fit does to improve performance in specific, practical, life applications.

Wonder if any of you have thoughts on the article?

The Reason the Patriots Always Come Back
The Reason the Patriots Always Come Back