For our younger colleagues the concepts in this article may be old news but it is helpful for me in my quest to understand more things Internet: Botnets; AI; the IoT;distributed denial-of-service attacks; the hack of our last presidential election; etc. The future implications of all this technology on state run active measures operations, terrorism and organized crime for law enforcement agencies is immense and also intriguing. As you know, I practiced and have taught intelligence and CI for years. I have consistently told my students that the tradecraft of intelligence has remained constant over time only the technology has changed. I’m guessing that is still true but am struggling to understand this new era of rapidly changing technology to answer my own questions/truths/premises. I’d enjoy hearing any of your comments and would be happy to post them to our colleagues, with your permission.


When Seeing Isnt Enough to Believe
When Seeing Isn’t Enough to Believe