My wife Cindy forwarded this article to me and our youngest son, Sean, yesterday. Its a great story and I wanted to pass it on to you in this first week after Thanksgiving with so many negative news stories to deal with, this seems a nice diversion and for me something to be thankful for.

I went with my father in 1952 to Germany, just 7 years after the end of WWII to live for 2 years and saw the devastation of Europe, especially Germany, first hand. I played in bombed out building, found human remains, military equipment and the detritus of war. If my mother had known where we kids played she would have been  apoplectic with rage. I was back in 1965 as an Army 2LT for two more years before deploying on to Korea in 1967.

During those years and assignments I saw/read many of these stories, as have you. From East Germans trying to get over the Wall to the DMZ in Korea, people defying the odds, risking their lives, just to be free. It’s the difference between the America and other western democracies and the world’s totalitarian states.

With all our faults, very few defect from the United States to North Korea or Russia or Iran. There’s a reason for that. And that same reason is why some of us in this country decide to volunteer a portion of our life’s to the protection and service of freedom and liberty. I know this sounds like lyrics from a barely adequate country-western song, but there’s a lot of truth in it and in the story of this North Korean soldier who risk his life to be free.

I’m am very proud of the soldiers/aviators/medics/doctors who saved him and especially proud to have been lucky enough to be born in a country that people defect to…


North Korean soldier survival
North Korean soldier’s survival is ‘truly a miracle,’ says American rescue crew